Nikola Zaric



Nikola Zarić, whose parents are originally from Republic of Serbia (Bosnia & Herzegovina), was born in Vienna. Since the age of seven he has been in an inseparable relationship with his instrument – accordion.

As a student, Nikola has always been a big admirer and follower of Professor Jovica Radosavljević. Nikola studied in a few conservatories like Gustav Mahler and Franz Schubert where Radosavljević used to work. Currently Nikola is a graduate student in “Vienna Conservatory”. Thanks to numerous concerts in middle and east Europe and close cooperation with huge names in the music business, Nikola owns an big universality which is both virtuoso-folk and classic-concert oriented. In 2014, with the band “Donauwellenreiter” and Australian Jazz-Accordion Klause Paier, Nikola opened the big Accordion Festival in Vienna. Two years later, he also played in the gala night of this manifestation with his accordion quartet called “Belofour”.
Current projects:

Turumtay/Zarić, Vila Madalena, Belofour, Flamenco Experience 6, Invisible World Quartet, Solo-Performance, Workshop with Nikola Zarić, Wanderer

Besides big names like Richard Galliano, Vincent Periani i Klaus Paier, Nikola is also one of the big lover of the accordion manufacturer of company “Victoria”. Also, he is one of the numerous award winner with classical and ethno-musical rewards as well as the winner of many festivals in Italy, Germany, Chez Republic, Slovakia, Austria and around Balkan.
Some of the competitions:

• International competition in Genova, Italy (2002) – first prize

• VAMÖ – competition in Vienna, Austria (2004) – first prize

• Competition of Serbian folk music in Vienna, Austria (2005) – first prize

• Big accordion competition of Yugoslav-folk music, in Soko Banja, Serbia (2006) – first prize

• VAMÖ – competition in Vienna, Austria (2009) – second prize

• Competition of world music in Castel Fidardo, Italy, category/band (2013) – third prize with band “Donauwellenreiter”